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Cost of Living in Basra

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Grocery Shopping

Beer (Domestic, 0.5 Liter)
$ 2.03
Beer (Imported, 0.33 Liter)
$ 2.38
Milk (1 Liter)
$ 1.22
Fresh White Bread (500 Grams)
$ 0.82
White Rice (1 kg)
$ 1.52
Chicken Eggs (12 pcs)
$ 1.73
Local Cheese (1 kg)
$ 5.04
Chicken Meat (1 Kg)
$ 3.94
Beef Meat (1 Kg)
$ 10.95
Apple (1 Kg)
$ 0.99
Banana (1 Kg)
$ 1.09
Orange (1 Kg)
$ 1.01
Tomato (1 Kg)
$ 0.68
Potato (1 Kg)
$ 0.65
Onion (1 Kg)
$ 0.61
Lettuce (1 Piece)
$ 0.62
Water (1.5 Liter)
$ 0.50
Wine Bottle (0.7 Liter, Mid-Level)
$ 11.45
Cigarette (20 Pcs Pack, Marlboro)
$ 2.00

Monthly Bills

Basic Bills (Heating, Cooling, Water, Electricity, Garbage) for 90 m2 Apartment
$ 96.85
Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local for 1 Minute (Standard Price without Discount or Monthly Plan)
$ 0.10
Internet Service (50 Mbps or Higher, Unlimited, ADSL)
$ 33.30


Kindergarten (Private, Full-Day, Monthly)
$ 141.70
Primary School (Yearly, International, for Single Child)
$ 2,122.87


1 Bedroom Apartment Far From City Centre
$ 350.62
1 Bedroom Apartment in City Centre
$ 224.19
3 Bedrooms Apartment in City Centre
$ 598.07
3 Bedrooms Apartment Far From City Centre
$ 407.22


Average Salary (Net, Without Taxes)
$ 549.72

Eating and Drinking

Budget-Friendly Meal at Restaurant
$ 4.95
3-Course Meal for 2 at Mid-Range Restaurant
$ 20.98
McDonald's McMeal or Similar Combo
$ 6.31
Cappuccino (Normal)
$ 2.22
Coke/Pepsi (0.33 Liter)
$ 0.45


Single Way Ticket (Local Transportation)
$ 0.38
Monthly Pass (Standard Price)
$ 33.19
Taxi Starting Price (Standard Tariff)
$ 2.29
Taxi 1 KM Price (Standard Tariff)
$ 1.98
Taxi 1 Minute Waiting Price (Standard Tariff)
$ 5.40
Fuel (1 Liter)
$ 0.58
Volkswagen Golf 1.4 Trendline (Or a Same Segment Vehicle)
$ 18,029.04
Toyota Corolla Sedan 1.6l Comfort (Or a Same Segment Vehicle)
$ 19,720.09

Leisure & Hobbies & Sport

Fitness Club
$ 33.09
Tennis Court (Weekend, 1 Hour)
$ 13.18
Cinema (1 Seat)
$ 7.81


Jeans (Levis 501 or a Same Quality Jeans)
$ 25.19
Summer Dress (From Chain Stores like H&M, ZARA, etc.)
$ 25.91
Nike Running Shoes (Middle Segment)
$ 50.77
Men’s Leather Business Shoes
$ 43.39

Apartment Prices

M2 Price in City Centre
$ 1,154.51
M2 Price Far From City Centre
$ 611.68
20 Years Fixed Rate Mortgage Interest Rate (%, Annual)
$ 9.50

Basra Geographical Information

Learn More About Basra

Basra is the third-largest city in Iraq, located in the southern desert region near the Persian Gulf. It is a city steeped in history and culture, and it is also an important economic hub for the country, thanks to its thriving port and oil industry.

One of the most notable historical sites in Basra is the Basra Citadel, which dates back to the 8th century and is a testament to the city's ancient history. Visitors can take a tour of the Citadel and learn about the city's past, as well as get a stunning view of the surrounding area.

Another must-visit location in Basra is the Shatt Al-Arab waterfront. This beautiful area offers picturesque views of the river and is a great spot to go for a walk or grab a bite to eat. Along the waterfront, you'll find a variety of local restaurants, cafes, and shops, making it a popular spot for tourists and locals alike.

For those interested in exploring Basra's cultural heritage, the Basra Museum is a great place to start. The museum is home to a vast collection of artifacts and exhibits that showcase the diverse history and traditions of the region.

One of the best ways to experience Basra's unique culture is to visit one of the city's markets. The Basra Market is the largest and most famous, and it offers a wide variety of goods, from handcrafted jewelry and textiles to fresh produce and spices.

Basra is also known for its lively nightlife scene. The city has plenty of bars, clubs, and restaurants where you can enjoy a night out with friends and family.

Overall, Basra is a fascinating city with a rich history and plenty of unique attractions to offer visitors. Whether you're interested in culture, history, or just exploring a new place, Basra is a great destination to add to your list.

Popular Questions About Basra

The cost of living in Basra, Iraq is relatively lower compared to some major cities in Iraq. Rent, groceries, and transportation expenses are generally affordable.

Basra has several popular neighborhoods, such as Al-Maaqal, Al-Tannumah, Al-Nashwa, and Al-Basrah Al-Qadimah. These areas offer various amenities and are sought after by residents.

The average rental price for a one-bedroom apartment in Basra is around $300-$400 per month, while a three-bedroom apartment may cost around $700-$900 per month, depending on the location and amenities.

Basra experiences extremely hot summers, with temperatures reaching over 45°C (113°F), while winters are mild and pleasant with temperatures around 15-20°C (59-68°F).

Basra's economy heavily depends on the oil and gas industry. Other significant sectors include shipping, trade, agriculture, and construction.

Basra is known for historical sites like the Basra Citadel, the Shatt Al-Arab River, and the Faw Palace. The city also has beautiful parks, bustling markets, and a lively waterfront area.

Basra's transportation system mainly consists of taxis, buses, and private car ownership. While public transportation options exist, many residents prefer using taxis or private vehicles for daily commuting.

Basra has several renowned educational institutions, including the University of Basrah, Basra University College of Medicine, Basra Technical Institute, and Basra Islamic University.

Basra has seen a significant improvement in security over the years, but some areas may still experience occasional unrest. It is always advisable to stay informed about the current situation and follow any local advisories for a safe living experience.

Basra hosts various cultural events and festivals, such as the Basra International Festival for Culture and Arts. This annual event showcases local art, music, traditional performances, and cultural exhibitions.