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Cost of Living in Uganda

Grocery Shopping

Beer (Domestic, 0.5 Liter)
$ 1.04
Beer (Imported, 0.33 Liter)
$ 2.23
Milk (1 Liter)
$ 0.71
Fresh White Bread (500 Grams)
$ 1.14
White Rice (1 kg)
$ 1.27
Chicken Eggs (12 pcs)
$ 1.72
Local Cheese (1 kg)
$ 4.01
Chicken Meat (1 Kg)
$ 4.62
Beef Meat (1 Kg)
$ 4.12
Apple (1 Kg)
$ 2.80
Banana (1 Kg)
$ 1.37
Orange (1 Kg)
$ 1.63
Tomato (1 Kg)
$ 1.23
Potato (1 Kg)
$ 1.02
Onion (1 Kg)
$ 1.21
Lettuce (1 Piece)
$ 0.91
Water (1.5 Liter)
$ 0.55
Wine Bottle (0.7 Liter, Mid-Level)
$ 10.22
Cigarette (20 Pcs Pack, Marlboro)
$ 2.48

Monthly Bills

Basic Bills (Heating, Cooling, Water, Electricity, Garbage) for 90 m2 Apartment
$ 56.52
Internet Service (50 Mbps or Higher, Unlimited, ADSL)
$ 88.08


Kindergarten (Private, Full-Day, Monthly)
$ 150.07
Primary School (Yearly, International, for Single Child)
$ 4,394.17


1 Bedroom Apartment Far From City Centre
$ 245.77
1 Bedroom Apartment in City Centre
$ 157.88
3 Bedrooms Apartment in City Centre
$ 556.56
3 Bedrooms Apartment Far From City Centre
$ 362.23


Average Salary (Net, Without Taxes)
$ 186.98

Eating and Drinking

Budget-Friendly Meal at Restaurant
$ 2.61
3-Course Meal for 2 at Mid-Range Restaurant
$ 29.36
McDonald's McMeal or Similar Combo
$ 7.83
Cappuccino (Normal)
$ 2.39
Coke/Pepsi (0.33 Liter)
$ 0.39


Single Way Ticket (Local Transportation)
$ 0.78
Monthly Pass (Standard Price)
$ 44.53
Taxi Starting Price (Standard Tariff)
$ 0.78
Taxi 1 KM Price (Standard Tariff)
$ 0.40
Taxi 1 Minute Waiting Price (Standard Tariff)
$ 2.15
Fuel (1 Liter)
$ 1.51
Volkswagen Golf 1.4 Trendline (Or a Same Segment Vehicle)
$ 10,428.87
Toyota Corolla Sedan 1.6l Comfort (Or a Same Segment Vehicle)
$ 13,123.12

Leisure & Hobbies & Sport

Fitness Club
$ 46.75
Tennis Court (Weekend, 1 Hour)
$ 13.47
Cinema (1 Seat)
$ 5.60


Jeans (Levis 501 or a Same Quality Jeans)
$ 15.96
Summer Dress (From Chain Stores like H&M, ZARA, etc.)
$ 19.47
Nike Running Shoes (Middle Segment)
$ 35.06
Men’s Leather Business Shoes
$ 55.84

Apartment Prices

M2 Price in City Centre
$ 1,209.74
M2 Price Far From City Centre
$ 8,823.54
20 Years Fixed Rate Mortgage Interest Rate (%, Annual)
$ 19.47

Air Quality Details of Uganda

Air Quality Metrics of Uganda

A colorless, odorless gas emitted from incomplete combustion of carbon-based fuels, posing a health risk when inhaled in high concentrations.

A reddish-brown gas produced by combustion processes, particularly in vehicles and power plants, contributing to air pollution and respiratory issues.

A reactive gas present in the atmosphere, beneficial at higher altitudes but forming ground-level smog when concentrated, potentially harmful to respiratory health.

A gas resulting from burning fossil fuels containing sulfur, contributing to air pollution and respiratory problems.

Fine particles smaller than 2.5 micrometers in diameter, able to penetrate deep into the lungs, associated with respiratory and cardiovascular issues.

Coarser particles with a diameter of 10 micrometers or smaller, contributing to air pollution and potential health problems.

The United States federal agency tasked with safeguarding human health and the environment by regulating pollutants and implementing environmental laws.

The UK government department responsible for overseeing environmental protection, food production, and rural affairs.

Uganda Earthquake History

Latest Earthquakes

  • 5.2
    Fort Portal, Western Region
    1983-01-15 19:34:07
  • 5.0
    Kigorobya, Western Region
    1979-12-04 10:34:44
  • 5.0
    Muhororo, Western Region
    1979-03-09 13:01:18
  • 4.9
    Kigorobya, Western Region
    1979-02-26 07:40:35
  • 5.4
    Kilembe, Western Region
    1977-12-29 13:50:38
  • 5.2
    Paidha, Northern Region
    1977-12-28 20:29:46
  • Uganda Geographical Information

    : UG
    : UGA
    Phone Code
    : +256
    : UGX
    : 45,853,778 (2021)

    Learn More About Uganda

    Welcome to's Uganda page! Here, you will find all the information you need to make informed decisions when it comes to buying or renting a property in Uganda.

    Uganda is a landlocked country located in East Africa, bordered by Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is known for its natural beauty with stunning landscapes, diverse wildlife, and warm, welcoming people. The country has a population of around 42 million people, with Kampala as its capital city.

    One of the main reasons to invest in Uganda is its growing economy. The country has shown a steady increase in GDP over recent years, making it an attractive destination for foreign investors. Additionally, the government has implemented several policies to improve the country's business climate, including tax incentives, reduced bureaucracy, and legal reforms.

    When it comes to the property market, Uganda has a relatively low cost of living compared to other countries in East Africa. The average cost of a one-bedroom apartment in the city center is around UGX 750,000 ($206), while outside the city center, it's UGX 500,000 ($138). Moreover, properties in Uganda are often sold at relatively affordable prices, making it easier for locals and investors alike to purchase.

    However, it's important to note that the property market in Uganda still has its challenges. One of the main issues is the lack of a central land registry, which can lead to disputes over ownership and hinder the buying process. That said, the government has started taking steps to address this problem.

    Overall, Uganda is a promising destination for property investors looking for affordable options and a growing market. With its natural beauty and friendly people, it's not difficult to see why Uganda is a popular destination for both locals and expats alike. Thank you for considering for your property needs in Uganda!

    Popular Questions About Uganda

    The currency used in Uganda is the Ugandan Shilling (UGX).

    The official language of Uganda is English. It is widely spoken and understood.

    The capital city of Uganda is Kampala.

    Popular tourist attractions in Uganda include Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, and the source of the Nile River.

    Yes, most visitors to Uganda require a visa. It is advisable to check the visa requirements for your specific country before traveling.

    Uganda has a tropical climate, with temperatures ranging between 25-30°C (77-86°F) throughout the year. However, it can vary depending on the region and time of year.

    Uganda is in the East Africa Time Zone (EAT), which is UTC+3.

    The main modes of transportation in Uganda include buses, taxis, and boda bodas (motorcycle taxis).

    While Uganda is generally considered safe for travelers, it is always advisable to take necessary precautions and follow travel advisories.

    Popular Ugandan dishes include matooke (cooked bananas), groundnut (peanut) stew, and rolex (a chapati filled with eggs and vegetables).