Mykolaivska oblast

Mykolaivska oblast

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Cost of Living in Mykolaivska oblast

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Grocery Shopping

Beer (Domestic, 0.5 Liter)
$ 1.05
Beer (Imported, 0.33 Liter)
$ 1.47
Milk (1 Liter)
$ 1.00
Fresh White Bread (500 Grams)
$ 0.64
White Rice (1 kg)
$ 1.52
Chicken Eggs (12 pcs)
$ 1.88
Local Cheese (1 kg)
$ 7.97
Chicken Meat (1 Kg)
$ 3.95
Beef Meat (1 Kg)
$ 6.12
Apple (1 Kg)
$ 0.72
Banana (1 Kg)
$ 1.53
Orange (1 Kg)
$ 1.58
Tomato (1 Kg)
$ 1.93
Potato (1 Kg)
$ 0.45
Onion (1 Kg)
$ 0.81
Lettuce (1 Piece)
$ 1.05
Water (1.5 Liter)
$ 0.52
Wine Bottle (0.7 Liter, Mid-Level)
$ 4.47
Cigarette (20 Pcs Pack, Marlboro)
$ 2.22

Monthly Bills

Basic Bills (Heating, Cooling, Water, Electricity, Garbage) for 90 m2 Apartment
$ 84.72
Internet Service (50 Mbps or Higher, Unlimited, ADSL)
$ 5.90


Kindergarten (Private, Full-Day, Monthly)
$ 272.27
Primary School (Yearly, International, for Single Child)
$ 4,799.15


1 Bedroom Apartment Far From City Centre
$ 349.51
1 Bedroom Apartment in City Centre
$ 230.53
3 Bedrooms Apartment in City Centre
$ 632.33
3 Bedrooms Apartment Far From City Centre
$ 403.57


Average Salary (Net, Without Taxes)
$ 397.88

Eating and Drinking

Budget-Friendly Meal at Restaurant
$ 6.55
3-Course Meal for 2 at Mid-Range Restaurant
$ 25.08
McDonald's McMeal or Similar Combo
$ 5.24
Cappuccino (Normal)
$ 1.23
Coke/Pepsi (0.33 Liter)
$ 0.66


Single Way Ticket (Local Transportation)
$ 0.37
Monthly Pass (Standard Price)
$ 10.46
Taxi Starting Price (Standard Tariff)
$ 1.67
Taxi 1 KM Price (Standard Tariff)
$ 0.31
Taxi 1 Minute Waiting Price (Standard Tariff)
$ 3.91
Fuel (1 Liter)
$ 1.39
Volkswagen Golf 1.4 Trendline (Or a Same Segment Vehicle)
$ 29,740.37
Toyota Corolla Sedan 1.6l Comfort (Or a Same Segment Vehicle)
$ 23,177.93

Leisure & Hobbies & Sport

Fitness Club
$ 22.09
Tennis Court (Weekend, 1 Hour)
$ 12.02
Cinema (1 Seat)
$ 3.93


Jeans (Levis 501 or a Same Quality Jeans)
$ 55.84
Summer Dress (From Chain Stores like H&M, ZARA, etc.)
$ 34.65
Nike Running Shoes (Middle Segment)
$ 79.98
Men’s Leather Business Shoes
$ 90.24

Apartment Prices

M2 Price in City Centre
$ 1,458.11
M2 Price Far From City Centre
$ 920.88
20 Years Fixed Rate Mortgage Interest Rate (%, Annual)
$ 16.66

Mykolaivska oblast Geographical Information

Learn More About Mykolaivska oblast

Mykolaivska oblast is a region located in the southern part of Ukraine. It covers an area of approximately 24,600 square kilometers and is home to over 1.2 million people. Its administrative center is the city of Mykolaiv, which is also the third-largest city in the region. Mykolaivska oblast is known for its rich history, diverse culture, and stunning landscapes.

The region is situated on the Black Sea coast and is home to several beautiful beaches and coastal towns. One of the most popular destinations in the region is the city of Ochakiv, which is located on the coast of the Black Sea. It is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, historical landmarks, and vibrant nightlife.

Mykolaivska oblast is also home to several historical and cultural monuments, including the Mykolaiv Cathedral, the Mykolaiv Regional Museum of Local Lore, and the Shabo Winery. The region is also famous for its numerous recreational activities, such as hiking, fishing, and camping in the lush forests of the area.

The economy of Mykolaivska oblast is mainly focused on agriculture, with the region being one of the largest producers of crops in Ukraine. Other significant industries in the region include metallurgy, shipbuilding, and chemical production.

The people of Mykolaivska oblast are known for their hospitality, warmth, and openness. The region is a melting pot of cultures, with a mix of Ukrainian and Russian traditions. The local cuisine is rich and diverse, with dishes that include borsch (a traditional soup), varenyky (dumplings), and salo (cured pork fat).

In summary, Mykolaivska oblast is a beautiful and culturally rich region in Ukraine, with stunning landscapes, historical landmarks, and delicious cuisine. Whether you want to explore the region’s coastal towns, indulge in the local cuisine, or immerse yourself in the local culture, Mykolaivska oblast has something for everyone.

Popular Questions About Mykolaivska oblast

As of 2021, the population of Mykolaivska oblast, Ukraine is approximately 1.15 million.

The capital city of Mykolaivska oblast, Ukraine is the city of Mykolaiv.

The major industries in Mykolaivska oblast, Ukraine include shipbuilding, chemical manufacturing, agriculture, and food processing.

Popular tourist attractions in Mykolaivska oblast, Ukraine include the Mykolaiv Zoo, Olbia Historical Site, and the Shipbuilding Museum.

Mykolaivska oblast, Ukraine has a temperate continental climate with warm summers and cold winters.

The average cost of housing in Mykolaivska oblast, Ukraine varies depending on the location, but generally, it is more affordable compared to larger cities in Ukraine.

Transportation options in Mykolaivska oblast, Ukraine include buses, taxis, and a railway network connecting major cities.

Some top universities in Mykolaivska oblast, Ukraine include National Polytechnic University, Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University, and Mykolaiv State Agrarian University.

The local cuisine of Mykolaivska oblast, Ukraine features a variety of dishes, including traditional Ukrainian dishes like borscht, varenyky, and salo.

Annual events and festivals in Mykolaivska oblast, Ukraine include the Mykolaiv City Day celebration in August, the Shipbuilding Festival, and various cultural and historical celebrations throughout the year.