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Sidi Bouzid

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Cost of Living in Sidi Bouzid

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Grocery Shopping

Beer (Domestic, 0.5 Liter)
$ 1.37
Beer (Imported, 0.33 Liter)
$ 1.50
Milk (1 Liter)
$ 0.46
Fresh White Bread (500 Grams)
$ 0.15
White Rice (1 kg)
$ 0.93
Chicken Eggs (12 pcs)
$ 1.41
Local Cheese (1 kg)
$ 9.46
Chicken Meat (1 Kg)
$ 5.31
Beef Meat (1 Kg)
$ 10.78
Apple (1 Kg)
$ 1.71
Banana (1 Kg)
$ 2.50
Orange (1 Kg)
$ 0.98
Tomato (1 Kg)
$ 0.67
Potato (1 Kg)
$ 0.59
Onion (1 Kg)
$ 0.52
Lettuce (1 Piece)
$ 0.39
Water (1.5 Liter)
$ 0.27
Wine Bottle (0.7 Liter, Mid-Level)
$ 5.07
Cigarette (20 Pcs Pack, Marlboro)
$ 3.21

Monthly Bills

Basic Bills (Heating, Cooling, Water, Electricity, Garbage) for 90 m2 Apartment
$ 47.29
Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local for 1 Minute (Standard Price without Discount or Monthly Plan)
$ 0.06
Internet Service (50 Mbps or Higher, Unlimited, ADSL)
$ 20.99


Kindergarten (Private, Full-Day, Monthly)
$ 75.46
Primary School (Yearly, International, for Single Child)
$ 2,471.79


1 Bedroom Apartment Far From City Centre
$ 203.22
1 Bedroom Apartment in City Centre
$ 142.42
3 Bedrooms Apartment in City Centre
$ 350.32
3 Bedrooms Apartment Far From City Centre
$ 241.76


Average Salary (Net, Without Taxes)
$ 300.38

Eating and Drinking

Budget-Friendly Meal at Restaurant
$ 3.00
3-Course Meal for 2 at Mid-Range Restaurant
$ 17.71
McDonald's McMeal or Similar Combo
$ 4.71
Cappuccino (Normal)
$ 0.78
Coke/Pepsi (0.33 Liter)
$ 0.55


Single Way Ticket (Local Transportation)
$ 0.25
Monthly Pass (Standard Price)
$ 10.03
Taxi Starting Price (Standard Tariff)
$ 0.29
Taxi 1 KM Price (Standard Tariff)
$ 0.32
Taxi 1 Minute Waiting Price (Standard Tariff)
$ 3.90
Fuel (1 Liter)
$ 0.76
Volkswagen Golf 1.4 Trendline (Or a Same Segment Vehicle)
$ 36,339.82
Toyota Corolla Sedan 1.6l Comfort (Or a Same Segment Vehicle)
$ 31,654.88

Leisure & Hobbies & Sport

Fitness Club
$ 25.99
Tennis Court (Weekend, 1 Hour)
$ 10.33
Cinema (1 Seat)
$ 4.80


Jeans (Levis 501 or a Same Quality Jeans)
$ 40.13
Summer Dress (From Chain Stores like H&M, ZARA, etc.)
$ 49.93
Nike Running Shoes (Middle Segment)
$ 90.80
Men’s Leather Business Shoes
$ 65.44

Apartment Prices

M2 Price in City Centre
$ 904.35
M2 Price Far From City Centre
$ 615.87
20 Years Fixed Rate Mortgage Interest Rate (%, Annual)
$ 11.14

Air Quality Details of Sidi Bouzid

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Sidi Bouzid Geographical Information

Learn More About Sidi Bouzid

Sidi Bouzid is a captivating city situated in the central region of Tunisia. With an estimated population of 70,000, Sidi Bouzid is renowned as the birthplace of the Tunisian revolution that led to the Arab Spring in 2011.

The city is surrounded by beautiful mountains and offers stunning scenic views that will leave you in awe. The local architecture has a unique charm, with houses designed in intricate styles that reflect the city's rich cultural heritage.

Sidi Bouzid is a destination for history buffs as it bears a significant historical legacy. One of the significant historical sights to visit is the Museum of Modern Art that showcases the revolution's historical artifacts. The museum features paintings, sculptures, traditional handicrafts, and much more, and visiting it will offer you a glimpse into Tunisia's rich and vibrant history.

Apart from its historical significance, Sidi Bouzid is also known for its delicious cuisine. Numerous restaurants and cafes offer an array of traditional Tunisian dishes, such as brik, a traditional pastry filled with egg, tuna, parsley, and other delicious ingredients. The city also offers fresh and flavorful fruits and vegetables, making it a haven for vegetarian travelers.

Sidi Bouzid has a warm and hospitable community that welcomes tourists from all over the world with open arms. The locals are warm and friendly, always eager to share their culture and traditions. The city also offers a great nightlife experience, with numerous cafes and bars that offer a lively and vibrant atmosphere.

In conclusion, Sidi Bouzid is a must-visit city in Tunisia, offering a unique blend of historical significance, natural beauty, and cultural allure. A trip to Sidi Bouzid will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on your memory, leaving you yearning to come back for more.

Popular Questions About Sidi Bouzid

Sidi Bouzid offers a range of attractions including the Martyrs' Square, Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions, and the Souk El Had.

Some highly recommended hotels in Sidi Bouzid are Hotel El Fath, Hotel Samra, and Hotel La Giralda.

The best time to visit Sidi Bouzid is during the spring (March to May) or fall (September to November) when the weather is pleasant.

Sidi Bouzid offers a variety of local dishes including couscous, brik (a savory Tunisian pastry), and tajine (a slow-cooked stew).

Visitors can get around Sidi Bouzid using taxis, shared vans (louages), or by renting a car from local agencies.

Sidi Bouzid has a few local markets and souks where you can buy traditional crafts, clothing, and fresh produce. However, there are no large shopping centers or malls.

The local currency in Sidi Bouzid, Tunisia is the Tunisian Dinar (TND). Most businesses accept cash, but major hotels and some shops may accept credit cards.

Nearby cities worth visiting from Sidi Bouzid include Kairouan, Mahdia, and El Jem, known for their historic sites and cultural attractions.

Sidi Bouzid has several medical facilities including public hospitals and private clinics. It is advisable to have travel insurance with medical coverage.

It is recommended to exercise general caution, be aware of your surroundings, and follow any local travel advisories. Keep your belongings secure and avoid isolated areas at night.